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What is an URL Router?

Front Controller — a true forgotten hero

error TS2585: Promise only refers to a type, but is being used as a var here. Do you need to change your target library? Try changing the 'lib' compiler option to es2015 or later.
  1. Check if your target is es2015 or later, as suggested in the error message;
  2. Install @types/node from npm;
npm instal@types/node

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cp -r <current_dir> <backup_dir>
git checkout -b <name_of_your_branch>
git add .

Let's give a shot with PyCharm CE dubugging tool

Setting up PyCharm CE debugger to run Behave

  1. Go to "Run" in the top and click "Edit configurations…"

Step one

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How to remove Wordpress category base prefix without plugins?

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Why Flask?

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So, to solve this issue all you have to do is:

  1. Remove Node
    If in OSX run brew uninstall node
  2. Delete the dir node_modules
  3. Install Node again globally
    Again, if in OSX run brew install -g node
  4. Run npm install
  5. Grab a cup of coffee
  6. Run npm start and feel a smile growing…

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